What do you do?


The dreaded question – “What do you do?”, not “How are you?” or “Tell me about yourself?”

For a long time I struggled answering this question. I found after years of working, my job started defining who I was, as that was an easy and safe answer – I am Robyn I’m a (insert job title) and I work at (insert company name). Last year I started to realise just how much it was defining me. When I wasn’t in work mode I was still losing myself because I was putting on other hats all the time – mum, wife, daughter, but not just Robyn. How did this happen?

I was so caught up in the everyday cycle I started to lose sight of the big picture and who I was. I was so focused on the doing and being busy, that I lost sight of what was important to me and who I am.

What do I actually do for me? I have had time to think and these are a few of the things I do enjoy doing –

* Sew. For me sewing is therapeutic as well as a way to express myself and have a creative outlet. It is relaxing and rewarding.

* Read. I love the escapism and enjoyment of reading. I can totally immerse myself into another world and time.

* Swim. I have always loved swimming, for me it is meditative – the repetitiveness of laps and the strength it gives me for both the mind and the body is allows me time to think and reflect.

* Walk. Walking is therapeutic as well as a great way to take the time to enjoy my surrounds – the visuals and sounds. It is so easy to get caught up in the everyday and forget to just enjoy.

* Spend time with my children. I love just being with them, without the pressures of the running around and shuffling from one activity to the other. I love our conversations and the opportunity it provides to ground me and renew the innocence of childhood.

So if I get asked the question now, I don’t get worried as I can truthfully answer that I enjoy life. I no longer let titles define me, as I enjoy being Robyn, whether I am sewing, reading, swimming, being a mum, growing the Woven by Society community, being a wife, being a friend – these are all the things that I love and make me who I am.

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