Welcome to Spring

Angela and Robyn

Welcome to Spring… (for those of us in the Southern hemisphere…)

I am now 17 days into my #sewlongwinter challenge and enjoying it still. I am enjoying the creativeness and not being tied down to a plan (and after week one I did share these insights). For me this challenge is not about the sales, but sharing my creativeness and learnings along the way. I am trying new designs and fabrics and playing with different shapes and sizes. With two weeks of this challenge still to go, I am looking forward to even more designs and creations.

Workshops have been keeping me busy as well. I have been loving my workshops in August. I have met some absolutely amazing women and they have inspired me. They have all been willing to jump in and give it a go – often nervous to start with, but trusting their skills and creativeness. There have been stunning results! It simply makes me so happy to see how happy and fulfilled they are to walk out of the class with a finished, unique product – that they have made. I absolutely love this aspect of what I am doing with Woven by Society. The feedback has been incredible and I am just so grateful that I get to do this.I have been listing the upcoming Woven by Society workshops for September and October so make sure you keep an eye on the website. There are amazing pictures of what we have been making in the Gallery.

I am also collaborating with the amazing Sarah Munnings. She crafts incredible handmade jewellery, using the beach as her inspriation.
We have the following combined workshops coming up at The Garden Frankston, which is a beautiful space and they are short 2 hour sessions.

In September I am also running some workshops at both Clarinda Community Centre and Ashburton Community Centre, with a slightly different model. All bookings are made through the centre and they are slightly shorter sessions with up to 6 people.

As well as #sewlongwinter and workshops, I am also working on a couple of bigger projects. One I’d like to share with you today is Under the Yellow Umbrella. This is a collaboration with Marnie Higgs and Sarah Munnings. Both Sarah and Marnie have been featured in the Weaving Stories through Craft blog, sharing their respective stories leading them to where they are today.

Under the Yellow Umbrella, (UTYU) is a collaboration celebrating our creativeness and talents uniting us through art. Marnie’s art is the inspiration for our designs as we explore her art through different mediums and share in clothing, fabrics and jewellery. Basically, we are creating a wearable art range using some of Marnie’s art.

We have a facebook page and will be opening an etsy store soon. In addition to this, the big news is that we are launching our brand at the Thread Den market in Federation Square on October 1st! If you get a chance to come and say hi we’d love to see you there.

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