We all have stories


We all have stories…

Over the last 3 weeks I have had the privilege of attending two very different retreats. Although very different in purpose, a similarity was the openness and willingness people had in sharing their stories. A couple of months ago I didn’t think I had any really interesting stories to share – I have had a pretty good life, nothing major to report.

What I have now come to realise is that all stories are pretty amazing in themselves. They make us who we are now.

You probably know by now that sewing is a part of my story. I want to share another part of my story. As I briefly mentioned in a previous post, twenty years ago I travelled to Russia to study. I had no connection to Russia, other than I had always been curious about it – it seemed like such a mysterious place and I wanted to go and explore. So I started to study the language at University and was lucky enough to be awarded a scholarship to go there and continue my studies.

I arrived in St.Petersburg 31 May 1996. I didn’t know anyone and immediately started to wonder about my choices and decisions. After one day of arriving, I did not question these again. I made the decision to make the most of my time there and experience as much as I could.

After three days in St.Petersburg, I was asked by three other Australians if I wanted to join them for the weekend and travel to Novgorod, (nearly 200km away). I did not hesitate, accepted and went with them. This is one of my favourite pictures from Russia as it reminds me of the what I may have missed if I said no. It was taken exactly twenty years ago to the day, at Yuriev Monastery in Novgorod.

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