The Beginning of My Story

I have loved sewing for as long as I can remember, and was taught the basics by my mum – on this machine.

Mum made clothes for both my brother and myself, and I loved having a choice about the fabrics and designs and then wearing something made especially for me. She encouraged me to be creative with fabric and gave me the opportunity to learn to sew and try new things. I started by sewing basic boob tubes for my Barbies then progressed to using these patterns, (yes, I do still own them!)

I loved the satisfaction of creating unique clothes for my dolls and then dressing them up, knowing I had made their outfits. I still have that feeling of satisfaction when I make something for myself, or my children, (not so many dolls clothes anymore…). I always feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment and pride knowing I have made something unique and personal.

My children now share this sewing machine and I am hoping our family sewing story will continue with them.

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