Grow: A Creative Community

For the past 10 months Sarah Munnings and I have been developing an idea. Our idea has turned into reality and is now happening.  We are developing Grow: A Creative Community  in response to feedback from local artists and artisans. Our vision is to create a collaborative community hub, a flexible workspace and learning hub for creative businesses that do not fit the current flexible working arrangements due to the nature of their business and their flexible needs. Being in a community of crafters and makers and knowing this community already exists, we realised there is a lack of meeting/collaborative space of this kind in the SE suburbs of Melbourne. The aim of the hub is to provide connection in a fragmented industry. Makers are Read More

Me Made May

Woven by Society about sharing your stories as well as learning and teaching. Part of my story is constantly challenging myself and moving out of my comfort zone. Not only is Me Made May doing both of these, but it also has a great story behind it. It is a great challenge which encourages “…people who sew/knit/crochet/refashion/upcycle garments for themselves to actually wear and love them.” I love the message behind the challenge and decided I would join #MMMAY16. I pledge to wear at least one garment every day that I have made myself, and I will aim to post pics daily (or whenever I can) for the month of May.