What do you do?

The dreaded question – “What do you do?”, not “How are you?” or “Tell me about yourself?” For a long time I struggled answering this question. I found after years of working, my job started defining who I was, as that was an easy and safe answer – I am Robyn I’m a (insert job title) and I work at (insert company name). Last year I started to realise just how much it was defining me. When I wasn’t in work mode I was still losing myself because I was putting on other hats all the time – mum, wife, daughter, but not just Robyn. How did this happen? I was so caught up in the everyday cycle I started Read More

Another chapter

Another chapter… A couple of years ago I joined a book club. What I love about the club is that I have been exposed to a whole range of books I would never have previously read. It is easy to get stuck in repetitive patterns and comfort zones, (in book choices and life) and book club offered a new range of genres and stories to me. I am currently reading The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa and it has so many connections for me. It combines mathematics (I studied Applied Maths at University) and baseball, (one of my favourite sports) and is set in Japan (where I have lived). In fact, the author was born in Okayama, the Read More