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I have been absent lately…

Once the WBS website launched, I crashed a bit. I had some host provider issues which caused some delays and I allowed these annoying issues to build into major roadblocks. I started to beat myself up with thoughts like – I should have known about this and this is my doing and I even let the dreaded question what am I doing? sneak into my head.

Now that I have some perspective I realise how unfair this kind of thinking is. So, I put this down as another lesson learned and one I got to share with my 10-year-old daughter. She was being incredibly tough on herself yesterday, so I could talk with her about learning from mistakes and putting them down as lessons to learn from.

I have had the chance to talk to some amazing women this week – one I have known for many years, one for a few years and one I only met yesterday. It really got me thinking about all the support I have around me. My family is incredibly supportive, as are all my friends, but often it is when we are a bit down or in our own head too much that we withdraw and try to fight our way out on our own. It is easy to forget the various support groups we actually have.

Sharing our stories is such a powerful way to gain perspective and inspire. This week I found myself talking with passion again about the big picture rather than getting caught up in the smaller logistical issues. By talking about the story of Woven by Society and the opportunities it will provide, I got my inspiration back.

I am feeling more creative and inspired. I have more ideas for sewing, creating, sharing and how to build this community. Now to put my ideas, plans and thoughts into action.

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