Weaving Stories through Craft – Yvonne

Since I have started my business, Originals Lab.  I have met some heart warming people and as a result have swapped many hand made items with fellow crafters.

I made a pair of earrings for my friend Sharon and she insisted on paying me and I refused.  Little did I know was that Sharon was planning on surprising me with something even more special.

While we were at swimming with the kids each week, I noticed that Sharon would bring in her knitting needles and was knitting with this amazing wool from Hedgehog Fibres.  It was this stunning hand spun and dyed wool with flecks of fluro pink, fluro yellow and blue.  I have never seen anything so unique.

A few weeks later Sharon gifted me the beautiful scarf that I thought she was knitting for herself!  At first I told Sharon that I couldn’t accept it.  I know how long it takes to knit and I felt humbled that she would make something so special for me.


To me handmade items tell a story.  Handmade items gifted to others mean someone would rather spend hours making something rather than buy something from a department store. And each handmade item is special as all the materials used to make it are specifically selected by the maker making it original and one of a kind.

The scarf that Sharon made for me is made from unique wool.  The pattern used is different to anything I have seen.  And the fact that it was made by hand and not a machine makes me so proud to wear it!