Weaving Stories through Craft – Robyn (Part 2)

My wedding dress – it makes sense that I follow up with a wedding story after engagement one right?

My mum not only made my wedding dress, but she did all the embroidery and made a matching bag. At the time I don’t think I really realised the stress I put on my mum by asking her to make my dress. For me though it was never an option not to have her make it.

I knew the colour and style I wanted – I was definitely not having a white dress and I have always loved how elegant a halter neck looks. There was to be no veil or train. So mum and I went shopping and choose the sewing pattern together. We choose a pattern that was not a wedding dress pattern, but with our imaginations I knew it would come together. We decided on a satin fabric called cappuccino and found a beautiful light pink lining to compliment the satin. Once we had the fabrics and pattern I decided that I would like embroidery around the neckline (especially knowing how good mum was with machine embroidery). We discussed the pattern for the neckline embroidery and choose the colour scheme (based on dress fabric and my style).

Mum did convince me to add a little extra fabric at the base of the dress so it did have a bit of a flow from behind – it was not a train of course… I am so glad that I listened to her as it really did add to the elegance and style of the dress. We had a few fitting sessions but mostly mum trusted her knowledge and intuition. Little did I know she had also made a matching embroidered bag and embroidered our names and date in the lining of the dress.

It is such a special feeling to know that my mum lovingly handmade my dress. I’m sure there were stressful and tense moments between mum and I in the decisions and fittings, but they have all faded for me (and hopefully for mum too)! Looking back on it now, nearly thirteen years ago, I would not change anything about my dress or the day – it was perfect.