Grow – Meet the Maker with Cr Rebecca Paterson

My day job (though it definitely extends into nights and weekends!) is a Councillor at the City of Monash and Chair of the Monash Business Awards as well as being involved in a number of other committees. I also have 3 kids aged 2, 4 and 10 who keep me very busy.

 I enjoy most crafts, and have been sewing, painting and crafting ever since I can remember. I started off with long stitch, moved to cross stitch and other embroidery, got into beading, pastel and water colour painting, then dress making. After having my first child I started knitting and then crochet, card making and jewellery making. I just love craft. My two favourites would have to be knitting, because I can take it with me anywhere and I love seeing people wearing the results, and card making, because it’s so quick and is something I can easily do with my kids because it’s great for different ages and abilities. Oh and I nearly forgot baking and cake making! I probably love baking over and above anything else, because it really makes me feel connected to my Mum who passed away when I was 19, because I love doing it with my children and because I get to eat and give away really yummy stuff as a result!

 I don’t get nearly as much time as I would like to do any of these things (the nights of sitting in front of the telly knitting are over for me for the moment) but I love to put aside time to bake with my kids every couple of weeks – it is a great way to do something we all enjoy, but they also enjoy the dedicated slowed down Mum time, as opposed to the rushing around Mum.