Grow – Meet the Maker with Fiona Read

Fiona Read

I love nature and painting. Nature inspires the subjects I paint. And my creativity helps me enjoy the beauty of nature! Nature has such exquisite colours, patterns, scents and sounds.

Being in nature or painting helps me relax and appreciate the present moment. When I’m painting I can get absorbed for hours. I have also felt this mindfulness when walking in the bush or past a scented rose bush, when seeing this giraffe in South Africa, or when  exploring exhibitions of the great impressionists or local art and crafts.

I’ve always dabbled in art, throughout school and was encouraged to paint alongside my Nanna and Grandma. I’ve had fun exploring landscapes, birds and flowers. I’ve studied botanical watercolour painting with Terry Napier at Park Orchards Learning Centre. I’ve been inspired by episodes of ‘Put Some Colour In Your Life’, the impressionists (Arthur Streeton’s landscapes), photographers (Max Dupain’s Sunbaker) and Claire Brenner’s acrylics. I love their use of composition and colour and how it makes you feel when you are around their works. Most recently I attended a workshop with Heather Bradbury who paints in the hyperrealism style using oils. In this photo I’m having fun with my latest creation in progress!


I also enjoyed the exhibition of Ai Weiwei and Andy Warhol at the NGV and seeing how each artist captured contemporary society.

This connects with my other passion and day-job – working with the community. At Link Health and Community I coordinate the community engagement projects team, and work with local communities and partners (including GROW!) to connect with people and work with them to support health and well-being.