Grow – Meet the Maker with Brooke Taylor

Bohdi Taylor Artist.

Previously Bohdi has enjoyed a successful career as a mosaic artist and teacher under her real name Brooke Taylor Brooke’s Mosaics.

She also facilitated numerous large scale artworks in her community with funds sought from grants from local council and Arts Vic.

Most recently Bohdi picked up a brush and began exploring the medium of acrylics. Lead there by a curious sequence of events, firstly experiencing the loss of her son Bohdi through miscarriage “Two days after losing Bohdi”,  she says “I sat in front of a painting I’d been working on, and hated it. So I started painting, and because I didn’t really care about the outcome, and figured that anything I did would be an improvement to it’s current state, I found I was able to get into a space I now call channelling creativity. It just flowed through me, and I worked out it was the absence of fear that allowed me to throw caution to the wind and just “create” without over thinking anything.”

“In that session, absolutely every brushstroke worked and belonged. There were no mistakes. And when I finished, I stood back and as the frenzied state I’d been in dissipated, I admired the painting, and almost couldn’t believe what I saw. It was like I was looking at another artist’s work! I loved it. In that moment, I had an a-ha moment- a real clarity about who I was, and what I was put here on this earth to do. I know I couldn’t have found this part of myself without having loved then lost Bohdi so to honour him, I paint under his name.”


And ever since she has been painting from this space.

Now Bohdi is bringing all of her skills as an professional artist, community arts facilitator and this life changing experience with her painting into a new program called  From this space where she will guide women who have recently experienced pregnancy loss through an arts therapy based support program using the medium of painting. She is currently applying for funding.

“When it happened to me, the modes of support available in the community were really scant and didn’t suit the place I was in. What I needed was to spend time with people who understood in a safe and nurturing space. So I am creating exactly that for the mothers in our community.  I’ve managed to harness something negative in my life and transform it into something positive instead of turning it in on myself negatively. This is what I’d like to teach other women to help them heal”

Also look out for Bohdi’s Etsy online store which launched in April where her paintings and some high quality giclee prints are on sale.

Bohdi has both Facebook and Instagram accounts as Bohdi Taylor Artist.