Weaving Stories through Craft – Danielle

My favourite handmade item is a pair of orange sandals that my husband made for me. José and I have been married 7 years. We met salsa dancing in Melbourne and were friends for many years. I moved to Spain and lived there for nearly 4 years where José came to visit me, we got together and I returned home for love. José is from El Salvador where art, music, dance and the Spanish language play an important role in enriching the creative spirit and has lived in Australia 29 years. His heritage includes a long line of artisans from designers to dressmakers, woodcraft makers, actors, artists, dancers and writers. In 2014, inspired by his culture and passion for life, Read More

Weaving Stories through Craft – Helen (Part 2) told by Ian

My story is about my wife, Helen. We have been married for almost 49 years and lived on the Mornington Peninsula for nearly all of our married life. Our two children, Ken and Robyn, completed their secondary school studies at Rosebud High School apart from one year at Capital High School where I worked, in Olympia, Washington State, USA. Their tertiary studies, at Monash University, resulted in Ken completing a degree in Civil Engineering before achieving a PhD in that field. Robyn completed degrees in Arts and Science majoring in Slavic Languages (Russian) and Applied Mathematics respectively. During her studies, a scholarship enabled Robyn to spend 3 months studying in Russia. Ken and Robyn are both married to wonderful partners Read More