Weaving Stories through Craft – Claire

I embroidered the “Baby” blanket when I was pregnant with my first child, as I stitched in the evenings I wondered about this baby; was it a boy or a girl? What sort of person would they become? Would they be happy in their life choices? I stitched dreams, wishes and happiness into this blanket so those positive thoughts would flow into the baby lying underneath. It’s made with unconditional love. Every time I make something for a baby gift, I think I stitch love and positive thoughts into it hoping that this little human has a happy and healthy life to come. I make the “organisers” as fun things for birthday presents. I try to find out the recipients Read More

Weaving Stories through Craft – Alex

When I was younger I discovered a sheet in our linen closet that had been embroidered. I asked my mum about it. She told me my grandmother had made it and went on to explain how. I remember how amazed I was that you could take something so plain and create a simple, yet beautiful piece. As my own children were growing I loved to buy them unique clothing but was very reluctant to pay the price often attached to them. I also knew what I liked but often couldn’t find it; the right colour or pattern. It was then that I took inspiration from my grandmother. Although not nearly as beautiful or complicated, I felt brave enough to take Read More