Weaving Stories through Craft – Maria

“Red Bird Christmas” is a simple heart-warming novel by Fannie Flagg which my mother enjoyed very much in the last stages of her life. It is a parable like story which highlights the power of love at a time of year when many feel lonely in the absence of friends and family. Its inspiration filled my Mum with a determination to make Christmas 2012 special and inclusive;  sadly she  didn’t live to celebrate the day with us. Running parallel to Mum’s hopes and Christmas plans was life in our hectic household. In between visiting Mum, going to work, supporting my husband and 4 children at the pointy exam end of the year, I was privately stitching away at a tapestry Read More

Weaving Stories through Craft – Sarah

My craft item is a seahorse carved from Australian Mother of Pearl from Abalone shell collected in Melbourne. This is a very symbolic necklace for me, seahorses are one of my favourite creatures and this piece represents a journey I have been on over the last 12 months. Shortly after Christmas 2015 I was unwell and in bed for a week which is very unusual for me. More alarming was that I was unable to concentrate to read, could not write, was exhausted all the time and could not think clearly or articulate myself and I was suffering from chronic pain in my joints and face. I was shattered even walking to the end of our drive way. I had Read More

Weaving Stories through Craft – Christina

I’ve recently become a member of the Liberty Lovers Club.  This means every once and a while a gorgeous little stash of “fat eighths” of Liberty Print fabric arrives in my letterbox, and I take out the little swatches of loveliness, swoon over their prettiness and then roll them up and pop them in a giant jar and put it on my shelf.  There they sit.  Waiting….and I don’t know what for! It could be that I’m afraid to ‘waste’ the materials?  Waste is an interesting word really.  There’s a John Lennon quote I love: “Time enjoyed wasting…is not time wasted”.  If I could apply that to my Liberty Print stash, then anything I enjoy making out of those materials….even Read More

Weaving Stories through Craft – Jas

My craft items are some crocheted toys given to me by my Aunt Caroline. In a way they mean to me that family is the most important thing in the world and that without family we would be nowhere at all. The first one given to me was the unicorn which they named Khaleesi. I will keep the memory of that one forever because it was very special when she gave it to me. The second one given to me was in Bali for Easter – the little bunny I named Daisy. I like her because we always travel to Indonesia with our Aunts Caroline and Julia and when I see her I think of all the fun times we Read More