Weaving Stories through Craft – Connie

The path that leads to the time and place that I received these beautiful doilies takes many twists and turns and bridges two continents. The events and stories that come with the journey are too numerous to include them all. They span the entire spectrum of emotions but the qualities of love, courage and hope always seem to shine through. I was born in Floridia, Sicily in 1952 and named after my maternal Nonna (grandmother), Concetta. I don’t remember her as a young woman because I left Italy as a 4 year old, but I believe she was a very capable, wise, strong person, and she needed to be to endure some of the things life dished up to her. Read More

Weaving Stories through Craft – Alex and Fred

What is your craft item and why is it special to you? Fred was hand-made by my Aunt, and given to me when I was around two years old. Laurel was born with Polio, and passed away when I was a teenager. She faced some challenges, but lived an incredibly independent life, and was constantly crafting and knitting things for those around her. Family was very important to her, so in a way, Fred doesn’t just remind me of my childhood – he reminds me of her and the values she gave me too. What made you connect with Fred the most out of all her crafts? I think he was almost like a little safety blanket. I remember being Read More