Sewing Challenge – #sewlongwinter

Sewlong WInter

I have decided to set myself a new sewing challenge.

I will be making one new item a day and selling each item online for one month.


When I started Woven by Society I didn’t really know the direction it would take – and to be honest I still don’t really know all the possibilities and that is OK. I know I did want to push my own boundaries and expand my comfort zone. I have done this (and hopefully inspired some others to do so too). Along the way I have had some really big positives come out of my journey with WBS. I am now selling clothes as well as bags and purses. I never intended to do this – I only wanted to provide workshops to teach and enable others to make their own items. About 6 months ago I remember being told, “not everyone wants to make their own clothes. Some people find it just as empowering to choose their own”. Whoa, I hadn’t seen this coming…

What I have realised over the last few months by stocking clothing at Stranger.Things.Emporium and Inchmeal is that I get a real buzz out of selling my handmade items. I love the fact that other people enjoy what I create…enough to buy it.

It occurred to me that by making the assumption, that people prefer to make their own creations (and not mine), I am not actually allowing other people to make their own choice. I have been making it for them.

Others can’t buy my clothes as I haven’t been giving them the option. This is not fair – I want to allow people the choice. I want them to decide if they want my items (so in a sense I am removing myself from the “choice” equation).

Apart from the thrill of selling my items to happy customers, there is also the fact that I cannot wear everything I make. I love sewing and creating, but seriously I don’t need that many clothes! It is wasteful. I want to keep sewing and challenge myself with new creations, sizes, styles and fabrics. So in doing this I have decided to set myself a challenge.

Everyday for one month I will make a new item and then put it up on my website to sell.

Yes, everyday a new item!

How it will work –

* I will post the item on my website (as well as facebook  and instagram pages

* If you want to buy it, write the word SOLD as a comment. Payment can be made through the website post – first come, first served type thing.

* I will detail the size of the item, as well as fabric type(s) and price.

* If payment is not made within 2 days of commenting SOLD, it will be relisted.

* Once payment has cleared I will confirm with customer via e-mail and be mailing items once a week (On the Friday of each week).

There is also the option for Melbournites to pop into Inchmeal and pick up or try on an item if requested. This must be arranged with myself in advance and is simply another option that allows for a fitting or removal of postage cost.

I am excited about the idea of a new challenge (as I really enjoyed the #MeMadeMay challenge) and the idea of giving people the choice.

I will be starting August 15 and running through to September 14, hence the hashtag sewlongwinter. I will be covering the last 2 weeks of winter and welcome in Spring! I hope you enjoy the challenge as much as I do…the countdown is on!


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