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This is a 1 hour consultation with Sarah and Robyn for their business services. This subscription entitles you to the following –

How can creatives benefit business?

Starting out in business you don’t always know what questions to ask. There is a whole unknown world out there, and business knowledge is something that may not come naturally. Grow makes this process pain free, translating business knowledge into actions you can complete.

We work face to face with our clients, understanding their passions what drives them and the dreams that they aspire to, and tailor make solutions to help them grow a business.

We collaborate daily with creators, artists and the business world and pride ourselves in finding answers and knowing who to connect you with.

Business services
$100 per hour

Business planning
Take your ideas and get them on paper
Structure your business plan into a one-page business model canvas
Writing an executive summary

Review your finances – cashflow forecasts, calculating breakeven, profit and loss
How to approach meeting your bank manager

You in business
Personal and professional development

Risk management
Understanding how to innovate with risk management
SWOT, Competitor analysis, assessing risk

Project management
Defining a project, managing project milestones
Understanding project deliverables time, cost and scope.


per 1 hour
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This is a 1 hour consultation through Grow Business Services.


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