Me Made May 2017

Pink crossover top

Today I joined the  Me Made May challenge #MMMAY17. Me Made May is a challenge run in May each year to encourage people who enjoy sewing, knitting, crocheting etc. to wear what they make and be proud of it. There is more information about the founder and the challenge on So, Zo…what do you know?

I have pledged to wear something different and me made everyday for the whole month of May. I did this challenge last year and although daunting, it was so wonderful to not only wear my own creations for a whole month, but share them on social media. Last year the biggest positive for me was gaining confidence in my dressmaking. I was able to wear some of my amazing creations and relive the stories of making them and share those memories and stories with others.

This year I am also more aware of what I wear, where it was made and the costs to people, the economy and the environment. I am more conscious of making and not stashing, but sharing my creations with others – whether that be selling my creations or giving them away. I am aware of need and want – I can’t possibly wear all the clothes I make, but I dearly love the process of making and creating.

Let the challenge begin!

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