Make of the Week – two tone merino jacket

Two tone merino jacket closed

This is my test jacket and I couldn’t be happier.

I always test new patterns and designs with my fabrics from my stash. I like to get the feel for the fit and the sewing techniques before I use quality fabric. However, I have had these two quality merino wool fabrics in my stash for a while now and have been wanting to use them together. So I got thinking about how I could utilise them in a way that is slightly different from my usual basic merino wool long sleeve (which I do love). This brought me to a new pattern – McCalls M7199 This jacket allows for contrasting fabrics and I really liked the versatility of it.

The weight of the merino allows the jacket to drape really well when worn open. It is a lovely and soft and surprisingly warm woolen fabric. To give the jacket a  completely different look I have teamed it with a brooch to close the front. I really like it both ways and it really adds versatility to the garment. The back of the jacket has a lovely scooped feature and again highlights the contrasting fabrics.

As a first effort there are things I have learned with this jacket, for example – the sizing could be a bit smaller (for me), but now I know it is a slightly looser fit and I can adjust accordingly next time. If I want to wear the jacket open, the type of fabric is extremely important because of the loose front and drape, I’ll need to ensure future fabrics drape well. However if I want the jacket front closed, I will use a fabric with slightly more body and weight, and use the font panels as a feature fabric and really showcase that panel.

I will definitely be using this pattern again and experimenting with fabric types and designs. For my test run – this is a winner!

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