Make of the week – Contrasting black top

Contrasting Black top

This is my contrasting black top.

I was inspired to make this top after the workshop I ran last Friday (17th March). The pattern is a very simple basic pattern for a woven top. It only consists of four pieces – front, back, and two neck facings. I have always loved how fabric and trims can really make a simple design pretty special.  I love mixing fabrics to make something unique.

For this top I have used a basic black linen for the majority of the top and added a beautiful blue/aqua/silver and black quilting cotton as a contrast. I saw the quilting fabric in a craft shop in Mornington and decided it had to come home with me. I don’t use quilting cotton for quilting, but the quality and designs of these fabrics can be amazing. I have already used this fabric for a bag (which sold pretty quickly!)

I have also used the fabric in a mini embroidery hoop from dandelyne to make a brooch. Even though it is not embroidery (and fabric instead), in the hoop, it is a beautiful way to pick up on the contrasting fabric. I think the mini wooden hoop suits the linen and colouring perfectly.

This top now has a lot of connections for me:

  • Mornington – where a very close and dear friend lives
  • The design – my first “make your own top” workshop (as it was using the same pattern)
  • The mini embroidery hoop – I first saw these at Our Little Caravan , which is very close to my heart

The clothes I make are much more than something I wear – they hold connections and stories within themselves.

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