Make of the Week – Pedestrian top

Pedestrian top

This was an unexpected winner!

Last December my husband, Andrew and I were enjoying a day in the city – it was my birthday and he was spoiling me. He dutifully followed me to all my favourite haunts, including tessuti. My of my favourite fabric stores in the city to get inspiration from. I have a routine in fabric shops where I do the rounds and then revisit my standout fabrics. I must admit, I completely missed this fabric first time round. Andrew found it though. He called me over and asked, “What do you think about this one?” I had to stop myself from my usual default response, “It’s too dark”, (I am not a monochrome type person) and “Nah, it’s the wrong type of fabric”. I actually stopped and looked at it and found it really interesting. It reflected our day – people being busy in a city, some together, some alone.

The design I decided was an older pattern that used to be my mums. I like the family connection with this. I have dubbed it the pedestrian top, because I consider it far from pedestrian in meaning and design, but the actual print does remind me of city pedestrians.

I love how this top reminds me of my birthday (which I love celebrating).  It also reminds me that Andrew knows me so well and indulges me in my fabric obsession.



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