Make of the week – Liberty Art tee for Jas

Liberty Art flower tee

It is so nice to be behind the machine again. We’ve been in Sumatra for the last 10 days having a fabulous adventure, but I missed my sewing. So I decided to get a quick fix…

This t-shirt is a simple design and one I’ve used many times for Jas, my 11 year old daughter. The pattern itself has a pretty special connection as it is a sewing pattern my mum bought when I was about 10 and she used it to make t-shirts for me. I love that I am now using exactly the same pattern to make my own daughter clothes. It is a quick and easy design, but I like the subtle customisations I can do to make each top slightly different.

I bought this Liberty Art fabric with Autumn in mind. It is bright and colourful, yet has some strong autumn colours. At this stage, I am still able to buy fabrics for Jas without her being there, but am wondering how long this will last…I think it was around this age that I started to become more outspoken and about what I wanted to wear. I am still enjoying being able to buy fabrics and create clothes for my kids and see the joy on their faces when I present the final piece to them.


I love making unique items and sharing those creations with them…may it last for quite a while longer.

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