Make of the Week – Hand dyed cashmere top

Two years ago when I first saw this cashmere I was blown away. It was hand dyed using all natural products. The dye is mainly eucalypt from the Blue Mountains in NSW. I was intrigued by the colours and patterns it produced. I was immediately interested in what natural dyes could produce. I decided I had to buy it straight away. And that is how I cam to buy this cashmere scarf, yes scarf.

I found the scarf at a market in Canberra in 2015. I had flown up to Canberra on a Friday night to meet my amazing friend, Cathy. It was the first time I had done anything like this. I was having a girls weekend interstate! We spent all day Saturday, walking around Canberra, shopping, talking, eating, talking, drinking and a bit more talking. Sunday was all about the markets. We got ideas, got inspired and found this gem.

When I got back home to Melbourne, I was so excited to see my kids and Andrew, that I forgot to show them my new purchase. The next day after I had unpacked, my new scarf was on a chair in the bedroom. Andrew walked in and thought it was a greasy rag from a mechanic! Well you can imagine how I responded…needless to say it was put away and not worn for quite a while.

Last week I remembered my scarf and dug it out. Yes, I still loved it and was still intrigued by the eucalypt dyeing. I decided I wanted it to be a bit more practical, as I found it to be too bulky as a scarf. I had the type of top I wanted to make in mind – raw edges and a bit of an unfinished look. I had the perfect design in mind. I found one of my Marcy Tilton patterns and set to work. I love layering in colder weather and this has such an Autumnal feel.

I am really happy with this finished product and can’t wait to wear it!


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