Make of the week – Blue green straight line top

Blue green straight line top

My Make of the Week.

I really love blue and green together. I actually purchased this green/blue fabric online, which is highly unusual for me. I was drawn to it; I love the shapes, pattern and colours. There is just something about stripes and straight lines that appeal to me visually. Once the fabric arrived I wasn’t sure how I wanted to use it. So after a bit of thinking, I actually cut it out and made it into a skirt – yep this top was a skirt!

The skirt didn’t workout as I would have liked. The pattern was a bit compromised due to the direction of the grain line of the fabric and the resulting hang. It just didn’t feel right. Instead of throwing it to the back of my cupboard and marking it down as a failure, I chose to re-purpose it. After all, there are no wrongs with sewing, right?

I had a look through my sewing patterns for inspiration and discovered a Vogue pattern I had yet to try, (V9175). It was decided. I colour matched the patterned fabric with the solid blue and started cutting away. I had plenty of the blue fabric for the contrast, and then I had to cut into my skirt – I did a little measuring to make sure I wouldn’t be caught short. The grain line of the fabric worked well for these panels (as the pattern is back and front).

I am actually really happy with how it turned out. I think  the patterned fabric actually works well with a contrast as maybe the pattern was a bit too much on its own for the skirt. To me, this is the beauty of sewing and creating – it is all up to the individual and if you don’t like it, change it.



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