December thoughts

The last month has been pretty amazing for me.

The last Saturday in November we went to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, they are American friends and although I don’t know much about the history and tradition of Thanksgiving in the US, I really do like the idea of being thankful and taking the time to reflect.

The next Saturday was my birthday. I have always loved birthdays and think they are a time to feel extra special and should be truly celebrated. I was totally spoiled with a massage, my husband following me around the city to all my favourite haunts and a completely over the top, delicious 12 course degustation dinner. We’ve also attended a good friend’s 40th and my son also has a December birthday so we have been able to celebrate and enjoy good company for a few weeks now. Oh and I also graduated from a Community Leadership course…

It is very easy to get caught up in the crazy busy that is December and forget all the good things happening because we are too busy.

I remembered a list that I received during my blogging course with Pip Lincoln of Meet Me at Mikes and thought this would be a great way to remember to appreciate the present and be thankful for it, so here it is –

Making: Zip purses and clothes

Cooking: Lamb cutlets
Drinking: Soda water with lemon
Reading: City of Thieves by David Benioff
Wanting: More hours in a day
Looking: New fabric I purchased recently

Playing: Backyard cricket with the kids (although it is actually front yard in our case)
Deciding: Which dress/top to make next
Wishing: My kids weren’t growing up so fast!
Enjoying: My kids growing up
Waiting: Cousins to arrive from overseas
Liking: My morning routine of lap swimming
Wondering: Will I maintain my routine over Christmas break?
Loving: My family
Pondering: All the possibilities for me and Woven by Society next year
Considering: Which book to read once I finish the one I am reading – so many on my list
Watching: Hmmm, not a lot, but cricket does seem to be on TV a bit more lately
Hoping: To try some new craft techniques soon
Marvelling: At what a year it has been – personally and for my family
Needing: A better sleep – don’t like this 3am wake up time!
Smelling: Summer
Wearing: New creations
Following: Some amazing crafters and creators on Instagram – very inspirational
Noticing: How many good people there are out there
Knowing: How good it felt being a part of a Community Leadership program

Thinking: Too much. A good reminder to just let it happen and be
Feeling: Thankful for being able to make this year happen
Admiring: A lot of people I have met this year and had the opportunity to spend time with
Sorting: Piles of fabric and deciding what to make with some of it

Hope this helps you take stock and breathe for while too. Hope you all have a great holiday break!

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