Another Russian tale from Robyn

Twenty years ago today I was on Kizhi Island – the furthest North I have ever been. I caught an overnight train from St.Petersburg to Petrozavodsk with three friends. Once in Petrozavodsk, we travelled by hydrofoil to Kizhi Island (which is on Lake Onega). We had heard that it was a nice place to visit but didn’t have much idea about what to expect, (my Russian experience in 1996 did not have great (read: any) access to the internet…). When we arrived on the island we discovered the most magnificent wooden structures – an area on Kizhi has two large churches and a bell tower built completely of wood. It is one of the best memories I have of my time in Read More

Another chapter

Another chapter… A couple of years ago I joined a book club. What I love about the club is that I have been exposed to a whole range of books I would never have previously read. It is easy to get stuck in repetitive patterns and comfort zones, (in book choices and life) and book club offered a new range of genres and stories to me. I am currently reading The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa and it has so many connections for me. It combines mathematics (I studied Applied Maths at University) and baseball, (one of my favourite sports) and is set in Japan (where I have lived). In fact, the author was born in Okayama, the Read More